The mission of the Faculty Senate at Florida International University is to provide a process for faculty to play an active and responsible role in academic governance.  The Senate is the democratic collegial governance body that the faculty, as an academic community, has chosen to govern itself.  As the representative of the faculty, it serves as the source of academic authority and as the guardian of policies that govern the academic community.

The Faculty Senate is an integral part of the academic governance of the University.  It is essential in steering the University by initiating, reviewing, evaluating and recommending policy.  It serves as the faculty’s voice in making decisions and policies on academic matters ranging from admission standards to the requirements for the awarding of degrees.  More specifically, the Faculty Senate expresses the faculty’s will on matters of curriculum policy and curricular structure; degree requirements; policies regarding the recruitment, admission, and retention of students; the development reorganization of academic programs; grading standards; and other matters of academic concern.  The Chair of the Senate is a member of the University’s Board of Trustees.

FIU’s Faculty Senate consists of 62 senators elected proportionally by the faculty of its schools and colleges with each free-standing school or college having at least two senators.

Simplified Robert’s Rules of Order 2023

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Faculty Senate Meeting Dates 2023-2024

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