Honorary Degrees

Faculty Awards

The Faculty Senate Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee invites you to submit names of worthy colleagues in your units who have established high records of achievement in the following six categories:

CategoryNumber of Awards
Excellence in Advising and Mentorship3
Excellence in Engagement1
Excellence in Librarianship1
Excellence in Research and Creative Activities6
Excellence in Service1
Excellence in Teaching6

Each award carries a $5,000 stipend.  The awards will be presented at the annual Faculty Convocation held during Fall Semester 2017.

We have simplified and clarified the criteria for the awards with the goal to make nominations and submissions easier for everyone.  The committee prefers substantive nomination letters from colleagues or supervisors, but in a university tradition, it also accepts self-nominations.

The nominations may be made by clicking on “Faculty Awards Nomination” or through this website:

Nominees will subsequently receive a congratulatory email. This email will include instructions for how to compose an application or withdraw from the nomination.

Nominations should include hard empirical evidence.  Files will need to follow the guidelines as the committee sadly won’t be able to consider those not doing so.

The Faculty Senate Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee will evaluate applications according to rubrics now included with the award descriptions. The committee’s recommendations will then forward its selection to the Provost.

Please note the important deadlines:

  • For nominations: Friday, March 10, 2017 at 5:00PM.
  • For submission of completed files: Friday, March 24, 2017 at 5:00PM
  • Once colleagues are nominated, the nominees will receive instructions on how to proceed.

If you have questions please contact Mary Cossio in the Faculty Senate office at 305-348-2141 or through email at

For more information on eligibility, criteria and required documentation click the following links:

Excellence in Advising and Mentorship
Excellence in Engagement
Excellence in Librarianship
Excellence in Research and Creative Activities
Excellence in Service
Excellence in Teaching

To see a list of all previous award recipients, click here.

Honorary Degrees

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